Fund to support local family seeking asylum!

Fund to support local family seeking asylum!

It has now been more than 4 years since a young family from Guatemala came to the U.S. to seek asylum and settled in this area. A grassroots group of local community members gathered to support the family, and in the spring of 2018 started this ongoing fundraiser to help with living expenses.

This family has made progress toward independence during their time here. Mom has her driver’s license, a social security number, a work permit, and a part time job in SLO. She has had an asylum case open with USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) since summer 2017.



The family continued to face many challenges this year. Mom's father was hospitalized in L.A. for emergency medical treatment for several serious health conditions in late February. After 7 weeks,he was about to be discharged to a rehabilitation center when he was diagnosed with Covid. Mom was on the phone daily advocating with the doctors and nurses who are caring for him, as well as being with him by phone as much as possible. Navigating our health care system proved to be challenging and stressful. 


Mom is in the process of renewing her work permit once again. However, she continues to struggle with her health. She was diagnosed with lupus in spring of 2020, and has had to take leave from her job at Apple several times in the past year and a half. As others were returning back to work in spring of 2021, she continued to work from home. She has received an accommodation to continue working part time from home from her employer, and just completed training for a new job. This will be especially helpful given her chronic health issues and her responsibilities as a single parent. She is providing assistance to Spanish speaking customers internationally by phone. 


The younger boy is 4 and is in preschool. He loves to chat and is very sweet. He has a great memory, and loves “pretend” play and drama. He’s learning a lot although he has trouble sitting still and focusing. 


The older boy is 9 and loves art, especially drawing and painting. He loves math and is really good at computing in his head. He tested 97% in the math standardized test for third grade. Reading has  been more of a challenge, but he’s working hard on it and is reading chapter books.


Since spring of 2020, the family has been living in an apartment in South SLO County that they like very much and feel deeply grateful for.  


Regarding their asylum case, this family continues to wait to be called for their day in court. Mom has consulted with a new immigration lawyer who has been very helpful and is willing to take her case on. Although the system is extremely backlogged, we are hopeful that there will be some positive changes under the current administration that will help this family to move forward with their case.


Please consider helping to support this family by donating money for living expenses. For those who are able, we suggest making a recurring donation.

We are deeply grateful for your generosity.

Please note:  We do not have non-profit status, so donations are not tax deductible.