What We Do:
Education and Outreach

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Educational Events for the General Public

We provide education to the public about the complexities surrounding immigration issues and explore the historical context, in order to deepen people's understanding of the root causes of migration.  Past events include the viewing and discussion of the film "Harvest of Empire" and an opportunity to write letters to people being held at the Mesa Verde Detention Center.

Upcoming events will be posted on our website, and also in our newsletter.

Due to COVID- 19, events are temporarily suspended. Contact us about facilitating a zoom event.


Presentations for Community

and Faith Organizations

“Asylum Seekers: What’s Happening at the U.S-Mexico Border and Beyond?”: This is a slideshow presentation that discusses root causes of migration and current U.S. immigration policy and practice. We include stories of our experiences and what we have learned during our trips to the border. A handout with actions that people can take is always presented.

If you are interested in a presentation, please contact us. 

Due to COVID- 19, presentations are temporarily suspended. Contact us about facilitating a zoom event.

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Border Trips

Due to COVID-19, border trip are temporarily suspended.

The Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of California facilitates 4-day justice trips to Tijuana twice per year. The description on the UUBorders website says: "Connect with individuals directly impacted by our broken immigration system. Gain a deeper understanding of the issues compounding the immigration crisis. Discover your personal story and how you can connect to immigration issues. Learn how you can take it home and make a difference."

You do not have to be a member of a Unitarian Universalist Congregation in order to participate in one of these trips.

To see an itinerary and to register, visit www.uuborders.org  

Allies for Immigration Justice occasionally organizes trips to the border as well.