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What We Do: Support

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 SLO UndocuSupport

SLO County UndocuSupport was created in April 2020 during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic with the goal of providing financial support to local immigrant families, including undocumented and mixed status immigrant families, who were left out of federal pandemic relief programs.


As of November 2022, they have distributed $463,000 through their partner agencies for undocumented and other immigrants to assist with rental and utility payments, transportation, groceries, and health needs.


In 2022, the SLO County UndocuSupport Coalition adopted a Strategic Plan which has widened the vision of SLO UndocuSupport to move beyond disaster response toward providing sustained, long-term support and advocacy throughout SLO County for undocumented immigrants and their families. 


Allies for Immigration Justice participates on the SLO County UndocuSupport Leadership Council.

           Provide support for a familseeking asylum

Free Bilingual Immigration
Legal Services 

Serving San Luis Obispo County
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Unitarian Universalists San Luis Obispo (UUSLO) is partnering with Unitarian Universalist Refugee and Immigrant Services and Education (UURISE) to bring a selection of no-cost immigration services to SLO County. Members of Allies for Immigration Justice actively participate in this program, doing outreach to the community and completing intakes for potential clients. 

​​​Services include:

  • General immigration legal consultations

  • DACA renewals

  • Naturalization

  • Green card renewals

  • FOIA

  • Emergency Safety Planning for Immigrants


Services are provided by qualified immigration attorneys and DOJ -certified representatives in partnership with UURISE.



  • NOT for representation in court

  • NOT for asylum or removal cancellation

      For these services, we will refer you to local immigration attorneys who do this important work.

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