What We Do:


           Provide support for a local family

                               seeking asylum

In Spring of 2017, a small group of concerned community members came together to provide support for a Guatemalan family seeking asylum. Allies for Immigration Justice is part of that group. We are deeply grateful for the generous donors who have made it possible to continue.
You can learn more about this family on our donation page.

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Visit Immigrants Being Held in Detention                                    in Bakersfield

Mesa Verde is a private-for-profit detention facility in Bakersfield where asylum seekers and people contesting their deportation orders are detained. A volunteer group, called Kern Welcoming and Extending Solidarity to Immigrants (KWESI) runs a volunteer-based visitation program offering people friendship and a connection to the outside world. 

Jan Meslin from Allies for Immigration Justice organizes regular trips  from San Luis Obispo to the detention center.

You do not need to be able to speak Spanish in order to visit.

Due to COVID-19, visitation is temporarily suspended. You can send a message to Jan and she will add you to the list for that time when visitation begins again.