Mama and Her Boys Need Us!

In Spring of 2017, a small group of concerned community members came together to provide support for a local Guatemalan family seeking asylum. Allies for Immigration Justice is part of that group. We are deeply grateful for the generous donors who have made it possible to continue.You can read more about this family by clicking the  "Donate" button.

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SLO County UndocuSupport

SLO County UndocuSupport is a coalition of organizations and 

concerned community 

members working to raise 

funds to support the local undocumented immigrant community during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We invite you to join us in supporting this effort by donating!




Detention Centers:


Freedom for Immigrants 

implements visitation programs at the detention centers to help alleviate the isolation of people currently suffering in this profit driven system.They  

advocate for the end to immigration detention centers and the implementation of community based alternatives.

Action #1     DONATE

Educate yourself:
Watch this Frontline episode!
(55 min.)
COVID's Hidden Toll



Released July 21, 2020

Frontline examines how the COVID crisis has hit vulnerable immigrants and undocumented workers. The documentary follows the coronavirus pandemic's invisible victims, including crucial farm and meat-packing workers who lack protections and have been getting sick.



Action #2

Our Vision

We envision a country where all people, regardless of immigration status, are treated with respect and dignity, and have access to a fulfilling and prosperous political, economic and social life.​

Our Mission

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Did you know that calls to elected officials on any given issue are tallied?  Those numbers can be an important indicator about where voters stand on a particular issue, and provide evidence of voter support when your legislator is debating the issue with colleagues.






The landscape is constantly changing on  immigration issues. We make it easy to advocate! Check our facebook page often for updated scripts. We will let you know who to call, provide you with contact information, and tell you what to say. 

Action #3

Action #4

Know Your Rights


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Action #5

Visit Immigrants Being Held in Detention in Bakersfield

Mesa Verde is a private-for-profit detention facility in Bakersfield where asylum seekers and people contesting their deportation orders are detained. A volunteer group, called Kern Welcoming and Extending Solidarity to Immigrants (KWESI) runs a volunteer-based visitation program offering people friendship and a connection to the outside world.  Allies for Immigration Justice organizes regular trips  from San Luis Obispo to the detention center. You do not need to be able to speak Spanish in order to visit.

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Due to Covid-19, visitations are cancelled until further notice.

Action #6

Build a house for a family in need in

one weekend with Casas de Luz!

Casas de Luz is a home building organization in Tijuana. This organization helps people, including families that have been deported, in Tijuana who need homes. This is a way to make a difference in a family's life in one weekend and it doesn't cost a lot of money to participate.

CDL brings youth and adults from the US and Mexico together to build.  Expertise and building materials from both sides of the border are used.  Donations from the U.S. provide doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, appliances, and more in order to furnish the homes. 

Their vision is to empower individuals and families on both sides of the border to recognize their potential and create change in this world.

The Casas de Luz website gives thorough information about the weekend schedule and what to expect. They welcome anyone who is interested in volunteering! 


For information regarding COVID-19 and the status on builds, please reach out to Casas de Luz.

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